Paint Pursuit Games
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we just show up or do walk-on to your field.

A: No. Paint Pursuit Games is Private Reservations only facility.

Q: What is the minimum group size?

A: 12 people or more. I can do 10 people. However 12 people or more qualifies your group for a FREE Raffle.

Q: Why do you ask for payment in advance?

A: Payment is required in advance to guarantee your reservation date and time. This guarantees me that your group is coming. So I can get supplied for your outing. This guarantees you that no one will take your time and date.

Q: Can we bring our own Paintballs?

A: No. For insurance and safety purposes we canít allow people to bring their own Paintballs.

Q: Do you sell cases or bags of Paintballs?

A: Not often. Bagged Paintballs donít keep fresh. People drop the bags which can cause paintballs to break in the bags. Often Iíve seen people try to combine their money to split the cost of a case of Paintballs only to not get their equal share. Someone customers consume more Paintballs than the others. People are not getting their equal share from their purchase. Very often it can cause arguments between the purchasers.

I pre-tube my Paintballs in my custom pods called Pursuit Pods. The Paintballs stay safe and fresh. It prevents delayís , being able to get on the field faster. These pods are made to sell 100 Paintballs per pod. Everyone get their equal share. I sell you the full pods. You give back the empties. You buy them as you need them. No left over Paintballs by the end of the day.

Q: Do you allow people to bring their own Paintball Markers?

A: Yes. However they must be in good working order and pass velocity testing. All Paintball markers must Chronograph under 280 fps. If your Paintball marker is not working. You will need to take a rental marker. I canít have excessive delays for Paintball markers that donít work. It is not fair to the customers who are ready to play. Please maintenance and test your Paintball marker prior to coming out to play.

Q: Do you offer low impact Paintball or have 50 caliber Paintball Markers?

A: No. Not at the present time. I usually keep the velocities under the maximum limit. Usually between speeds of 240-260 fps. This allows the Paintball markers to have less Paintball Breakages in the barrel. Most new people come to my field being afraid to get hit with a paintball realize that itís not that bad after all. I also offer FREE chest and back protectors for young kids or ladies.

I also play different rules than other Paintball fields. I play the rule that your HIT regardless of whether the Paintball breaks or not. This reduces the amount of times you get Hit while Playing the game. Most Paintball fields Play a rule that the Paintball has to break in order to be HIT and eliminated from the game. Most Paintballs donít break on contact all the time. At other fields. You can get HIT multiple times for each game.

Q: Why do you only do groups?

A: Itís a much safer and better Paintball experience. Bringing your friends, coworkers and family for a group is much better than playing with or against strangers. I will not mix groups of stranger together. Often there are arguments or problem that are a result of this.

For those that donít have a group. Reach out to your friends, coworker or family. Book a group outing. It will be well worth it!

Q: Do you take prepaid discount tickets purchased from an outside company that sells these kinds of things.

A: No! These tickets donít guarantee that you will receive the services that you purchased. Book with the Paintball fields directly. You get what you pay for. There is no such thing as cheap Paintball.

Q: Do you offer incentives for bigger groups.

A: Yes. We have our SPECIAL OFFERS! Give us a call for details. Join our Constant Contact e-mail list to get e-mails on special and announcements.

If you have any other questions please give us
a call 815-577-0044