Suggestive Safety Tips for Playing at Paint Pursuit Games

1. Wear long sleeve clothing: camouflage, black, dark green or brown is recommended. Never wear red! That conflicts with the field officials uniform.

2. Wear high top gym shoe or boots for better ankle support.

3. Gloves are recommended.

4. Insect repellant is recommended during the late spring, summer and early fall times.

Note to people who own a Paintball Marker

We want to make sure all markers are firing at a safe velocity of 280 fps or less, so players with their own guns must have them Cronographed at the firing range.

Please do not put on or take off your Air tanks while on our facility. Only staff can put on or take off air tank. This is for safety and insurance reasons.

No one under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance is allowed at our facility!!

* Please Refer to the Rules link for more Safety Tips