A verbal briefing will be given on the rules, safety rules and air gun instruction before your games get started.

1. Your field officials are here to help you throughout your reservation. All judgments from the field officials will be fair and final.

2. Course boundaries will be explained on the field. Stay in bounds! Players found out of bounds are considered out of the game.

3. Your games will be explained to you on the field.

4. Your games will start and end with an air horn or whistle. When game has ended please cease fire and put your barrel cap on.

5. Barrel Caps must be on at all times when you are not playing.

6. Goggles are to be worn at all times on the field or on the firing range.

7. When "Hit". Yell hit loudly and as fast as possible. You must leave the playing area as fast as possible. Your field official will guide you to the neutral zone or base camp. You'll wait in one of these areas until the game has ended. We will get you playing in the next game as soon as possible.

8. You are hit whether the paintball breaks or not. This will save you money and anguish of getting hit multiple times. Play this rule fairly to guarantee the success of your reservation.

9. Splatters do not count. Yell "splatter" and keep playing.

10.Face shots do not count. Yell "face shot" and keep playing.

11. Surrender is an option! ! You may choose to surrender at any time during the game. We encourage the offer of surrender be give or taken especially if you are twenty feet or closer. Remember this is only a game. You'll play another one. Please make good decisions about safety and good sportsmanship. Players that are reckless or unsafe may be called out of the game.

12. No blind firing. Please watch where you're firing your paintball marker.

13. If you are injured. Please call for the field official. They will evaluate the situation and act accordingly.

14. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol is allowed on the property. If caught under the influence of alcohol or drugs Paint Pursuit Games reserves the right terminate your reservation without refund.

15. No hand-to-hand combat, knifes, firearms, fireworks or illegal items are allowed on Paint Pursuit Games Property. Violators are subject to legal action.

16. No Smoking in the playing fields.

17. You can only use Paintballs purchased from Paint Pursuit Games. You Can not use your own paintballs!! Violation of this can terminate your reservation.

Violations to the rules and safety can permanently terminate your reservation without refund. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Play aggressive, fair and safe!!!